‘Man of Steel’s’ Henry Cavill doesn’t see ‘Justice League’ happening anytime soon

06.26.13 6 years ago 2 Comments

Superman himself says fans will have to sit tight a little longer than expected for a “Justice League” film. 

Just last week it seemed that Warner Bros.’ long-promised “Justice League” — which would bring together Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman — was ramping up after their Superman reboot “Man of Steel” proved a box office success.

Both Warner Bros. exec Dan Fellman and “Man of Steel” writer David S. Goyer seemed certain that film’s success meant that the studio was finally ready to move forward with a number of other superhero films, with “Justice League” as the crown jewel in the DC movie universe.

However, “Man of Steel” star Henry Cavill doesn’t see it happening anytime soon. He discussed the possibility of the film with ABC News. “Justice League could be great if done correctly,” he said. “It”s a very tough one to do because the DC comic heroes are all god-like in their power. So in this real world universe, real-world setting we”re telling our story in, it”s going to be tough to achieve that.”

He continued, saying, “It has to be done very delicately with a lot of thought. So, it won”t be right away. I hope it”s not, anyway. It may take some time of building up other movies and other characters and introducing them together in one way or another. … I think it would be great to do, but I don”t think it”s around the corner.” 

In addition to Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, “JL” would likely unite such heroes as Flash and Green Lantern, with the possible inclusion of such less-famous heroes as Cyborg, Hawkman, Aquaman, and others.

Cavill’s quote contradicts recent buzz that suggested that “Justice League” would arrive first, with solo movies following (the opposite of Marvel’s Phase 1 strategy which culminated in the smash hit “The Avengers”).

With no official studio announcements being made about “Justice League” in some time, superhero fans will have to stay tuned for more news, rumors and questions about plans for the project. 

In the meantime, Warner Bros., Goyer and “Man of Steel” director Zack Snyder, are moving full steam ahead on “Man of Steel 2.” 

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