Man Recreates 9 Iconic Romantic Movie Sequences With Boss’s Dog

Meet Mmsspp…if that’s even his real name. Like many people, Mmsspp works in an office and, like many offices these days, pets are allowed to follow their owners to work. Mmsspp’s boss has an adorable dog named Wrigley. For reasons unknown, one day Mmsspp and Wrigley recreated the famous bow sequence from ‘Titanic.’ Over the next month, their antics spiraled out of control to the delight of the Internet at large.

#1: ‘Titantic’ – The photo that started it all.

#2: ‘Spider-Man’ – With great bark comes great responsibility.

#3: ‘Ghost’ – Why does Wrigley always have to be the love interest, never the lead?

#4: ‘The Graduate’ – Okay this one is just uncomfortable. But kudos to the commitment to bedroom eyes?

#5: ‘The Notebook’ – Wait, is Wrigley even in this photo?

#6: ‘Top Gun’ – Looks like Mmsspp decided to let Wrigley take the lead…oh God just grossed myself out.

#7: ‘Sixteen Candles’ – Awww they redid it with six candles. Cute!

#8: ‘Brokeback Mountain’ – LGBT representation in romantic movie recreations is important.


Want more? See the rest of Mmsspp’s gallery over here! If we’re lucky, maybe he’ll give us a sequel.