Margot Robbie Is Developing A Harley Quinn Film Outside Of The Joker And ‘Gotham City Sirens’

With Justice League underperforming at the box office, the DC cinematic universe has found itself on shaky ground (although still in better shape than Universal’s Dark Universe, RIP). That relative uncertainty is not slowing down actress Margot Robbie in the least, though, who told MTV that she is working on a stand-alone film for Harley Quinn.

According to Robbie, she has been developing this project for two years now, and it is a completely separate project than the rumored movie focused on her relationship with the Joker and the Gotham City Sirens film in the works. While Robbie was as cagey as she has been in the past about Quinn’s future, she did say that it would be a female-centric film, saying “she needs her girlfriends. She needs other girls around her.” Maybe these alleged girlfriends can explain how toxic her romance with the Joker is.

Although Suicide Squad was a disappointment critically, Robbie’s Quinn was the clear standout, elevating the material and giving fans a nuanced yet deranged take on a beloved character. If there is anything to save from Squad‘s missteps, it’s the baseball bat-wielding badass. She is the other side of Wonder Woman‘s more virtuous coin, and they just might be what it takes to save DC from itself.

(Via MTV)