Marion Cotillard gets the goddess treatment in ‘The Immigrant’ trailer

We'd been waiting a good long while to see James Gray's “The Immigrant” even before it premiered at Cannes 11 months ago, and we've been waiting a good long while since — split festival reviews presumably made The Weinstein Company cautious with this delicate art-house item, but those excited for it have been understandably impatient. Anyway, the wait (in the US, at least) is almost over, with the film set to hit screens on May 16 — just as Cannes 2014 starts up, as it happens. And while the posters thus far haven't exactly sold the film, the latest trailer is rather more seductive.

As regular readers might remember, I'm an unreserved fan of “The Immigrant,” which ranked in my 2013 top five and only grows more iridescent in my memory. This trailer (which you can watch at the top of this post) gives some indication of the film's exquisite visual textures and tangible sense of period, and frames Cotillard — much as the film does — as a kind of vintage screen goddess. Fine as her co-stars (particularly Joaquin Phoenix) are, this is a besotted showcase for its leading lady, and Cotillard's finest hour (or two) since “La Vie en Rose.” While I'm sure the film will divide opinion as much upon release as it did on the Croisette, I'm excited for you all to see it.