Watch Real Mark Hamill Get Abducted By A Hamill-Voiced Joker In The Most Meta DC Cartoon Ever

Justice League Action has delivered the most meta cartoon in the history of possibly ever with “Missing the Mark,” a short that involves Mark Hamill calling for whatever Gotham City’s equivalent to Uber is, only to be captured by the Joker instead. In other words, the “real” Mark Hamill gets abducted by the Hamill-voiced Joker.

But wait, there’s more. In cahoots with Joker is Trickster, a “second-rate” villain popularized in the Flash series who is also voiced by Mark Hamill. What does Mark Hamill do to get out of the sketchy situation? He throws his voice as the Joker to confuse Trickster into thinking the Joker was giving an order.

So, is this version of Mark Hamill able to replicate the voice of the Joker because he’s such a great voice actor in the cartoon universe, or is this alternate dimension one which happens to have the “real” Joker and Batman, battling for Gotham, while Mark Hamill voices the Joker in the cartoon within a cartoon? How many layers deep can this go? Everyone is cross-eyed now.

The cherry on top is how Joker and Trickster are eventually apprehended by Swamp Thing, who is voiced by… Mark Hamill. It’s all very weird.

Total “Mark Hamill” in-article count: 8.

(Via Polygon)