Mark Hamill & Sebastian Stan in the Star Wars/Marvel Crossover You Need to See

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away there was a Winter Soldier with beautiful hair. Ok, sorry. This isn't fanfic; this is the true story of how Star Wars' Mark Hamill and Captain America: Civil War's Sebastian Stan look incredibly alike.

A face morph of both Disney actors has been taking the internet by storm this week, but apparently fans noticed an eerie similarity between the faces of Hamill and Stan a while ago. I must admit, it's not a connection I would have made, but now it cannot be unseen.

I did some digging, and while I'm not sure if Instagram user KyloRens and Twitter user @capbucky were the very first to notice, they are who I was able to trace most of the references back to. Feel free to let me know if there's another source further back.

Are you ready for this? I don't think you are.

Eventually, both actors responded positively to the comparison. Hamill said, “Looks like he could be my son!” while Stan actually revealed he'd auditioned for Star Wars several times. “Appreciate this and thank you! Went out for Star Wars 4 times but wasn't meant to be,” he wrote, “Didn't even know what role for at the time. Who knows in the future but will certainly consider.”

And then the two actors met, and fan-splosions abound!



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“bucky meets lukey” I can die happy now

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And then Hamill, who either spends time online in between shooting scenes for Star Wars: Episode VIII or has great assistants, responded again.


can you believe that they met do you think they talked about it I'm

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And then things got weird as Instagram user morphy_me went the extra mile.

Oh my god.

And here's where most of the internet came in this week with this image floating around.

Another imgur user got more specific.

And then morphy_me posted this.

But Hamill continues to win the Internet with his humor.

And because we've already gone this far down the rabbit hole I'll leave you with these two.



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