Mark Hamill Gives ‘Star Wars’ Fans A Slight Panic Attack With His Joke About ‘The Last Jedi’ Spoilers

With The Last Jedi set to hit theaters in December, we’ve almost reached the time where promotion for the newest Star Wars film will reach full power. We’ve only gotten one trailer for the film at this point, so you would assume another is coming at any point and soon spoilers will start dropping too. That probably helped Mark Hamill make a slight joke on Twitter, using a classic Star Wars comic to fool some fans.

If you’ve never read the classic ’80s Marvel Star Wars comics, you’re missing a series that is fully out of canon and completely crazy in between adapting the original films. Movieweb shared a summary of the issue, with some of the plot details helping knock this point home:

The story follows Luke, Leia along with droids R2-D2 and C-3PO as they set off to a jungle planet, answering a distress call sent out by Prince Denid of Velmor. Denid and his lover Loren, along with their friend Jedidiah (seriously) crashed on the planet years ago. The crash claimed Loren’s life. Now, Denid must return to his homeland of Velmor or his brother will take control of the planet. This is very bad, because the guy’s brother is an Imperial sympathizer.

Jedidiah is the brain damaged Jedi, but apparently he never finished his training.

It is still beloved, but the idea that it might carry spoilers for the new Star Wars films is a far fetched idea. At least it was until Mark Hamill got involved:

Hamill noticed the cover when it was tweeted at him and ran with it, begging fans to stay away from it and save themselves from spoilers for The Last Jedi film that will hit theaters in December. Deadline, The Hollywood Reporter, and other sites when ahead and took it on, giving plenty of spotlight to this random issue of the classic Star Wars comic series. This was brought to the attention of Hamill soon enough and he made sure to reveal that it was just a joke:

We’ve all been there at one point or another. Any Marvel film or Ridley Scott movie has sucked me in to write about random rumors on a weekly basis, only to burn me once the movie is released. I’m still waiting for Mr. Sinister to show up in Logan.

No matter, it’s always fun to look back on the long history of Star Wars tie-ins. It’s also fun to see just how many times The Last Jedi has appeared in stories over the years, with no theories trying to decide who exactly is The Last Jedi:

The one thing we know for sure now, there are no spoilers for The Last Jedi floating out there right now. It might be a lot like The Empire Strikes Back, it might be like a random comic from the old Star Wars comics, it could just be a completely new story altogether. Who knows?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter / Deadline / Movieweb)