Mark Ruffalo Details How Much Trouble He Caused Marvel With His ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Spoilers

Mark Ruffalo’s history with spoilers and Marvel films is either a one of the best running gags in Hollywood or he’s really just an absent-minded fool with a heart of gold. It is hard to hate on the guy, even when he’s broadcasting the premiere of a film live on Instagram, discussing spoilers during press junkets, and spilling the beans about secret massive Marvel photo shoots with random posts on social media. He’s habitually doing it at this point, but the incident at the Thor: Ragnarok premiere seems like the one that wasn’t a joke up to this point.

As was reported shortly after it happened, Ruffalo accidentally left his Instagram live stream — requested by Marvel according to Ruffalo — running into the premiere of Thor: Ragnarok. He had thought he had shut it off, but fell victim to the dreaded second button press and didn’t get to shut it off until at least 10 minutes into the movie. According to Ruffalo, he received wave after wave of texts telling him to turn off his phone and warning him that he might end up getting fired by Marvel.

That last bit doesn’t seem likely given he plays The Hulk, but they also had no qualms about replacing Edward Norton when working on the first Avengers film. But the moment when Ruffalo describes the woman who taps him on the shoulder and scolds him about leaving his phone on really makes it seem like he’s the Dennis The Menace of the Avengers crew. They just can’t stop him from getting into trouble when filming these movies, but can’t help smiling after it all happens.

Ruffalo also explains how Thor: Ragnarok is really just a movie about two bros being friends and working through their issues. There just happens to be fire giants, massive talking wolves, Norse gods with machine guns, and an army of the dead to contend with while they do that.

Now if only they could let him somehow be in charge of that Avengers: Infinity War footage.

(Via The Late Show)