Mark Wahlberg explores Caesar’s rise to power in ‘The Roman’

(CBR)Mark Wahlberg just booked a trip to ancient Rome, and he”s looking to Gotham City for some tips on how to get there.

The actor and producer has joined forces with partner Stephen Levinson to produce “The Roman”, an origin story centered on Julius Caesar. Deadline reports that the project is “in the vein of ‘Batman Begins’,” in that it chronicles the legendary general”s early years and rise to power. (Bonus points if Caesar runs around Rome in a mask and with a growly voice.) The film centers on Caesar”s youth, when he was kidnapped by pirates and enslaved on an island, leading to a daring escape and the formation of values and tactics that would lead to his later conquests.

“The Roman” features a script written by Travis Baker and Richard Tanne. Now that they”re on board as producers, Wahlberg and Levinson”s next move is to find a director before shopping the project to studios.