Check Out This Footage Of Marvel Actors Before They Were Famous

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07.07.17 2 Comments

The sixteenth entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man: Homecoming, is in theaters today, but where did all these Marvel actors get their starts? That’s the question answered by Screen Junkies, along with video footage of some of these early roles, including “screaming girl wearing only a towel” and “gay kid.”

Here are some of the actors profiled:

Before Tom Holland (Spider-Man) was visiting kids in hospitals, he was playing a kid in a hospital who had lost his dad and brothers in a tsunami in 2012’s The Impossible.

Before Robert Downey Jr was back on top with Iron Man (please never retire), he appeared as a character making some interesting fashion choices in First Born, which also included the first appearance of Corey Haim and an early role for Sarah Jessica Parker.

Michael Keaton (Vulture) worked alongside David Letterman (before the latter was seeing how many Spider-Men could fit in a Jamba Juice) as a bit player on Mary Tyler Moore’s variety show. Remember Mary Tyler Moore’s variety show? You’d be one of the few who does.

Marisa Tomei (Aunt May) can be seen in the video above in her positively career-defining role as “screaming girl wearing only a towel” in The Toxic Avenger.

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