A Marvel Studios Promo Seems To Show How Many Infinity Stones Thanos Nabs In ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Leave it to hardcore Marvel fans to single out a few seconds from a relatively obscure Marvel Studios contest promo to help fuel both the hype and speculation surrounding Avengers: Infinity War. With three months to go until the Marvel Cinematic Universe changes seemingly forever, fans are mentally preparing themselves for what’s to come by sniffing out hints of Thanos’ power. The latest revelation? A brief behind-the-scenes clip of the Infinity Gauntlet, filled with stones.

Here’s what we see. Four of the six Infinity Stones in place. The only ones it’s missing are the Mind Stone (the yellow one currently in Vision’s head) and the Soul Stone, which is presumably in Wakanda and will make an appearance in Black Panther.

Spoilers (just in case)


So Thanos has installed 66 percent of the stones into the Infinity Gauntlet. That means he’s likely taken the Reality Stone from the Collector’s vault and, possibly, since the colors are kind of difficult to discern, the Soul Stone from Wakanda. Will we see what happens to the Soul Stone in Black Panther, or are the trailers that show the collected Avengers (and more) fighting in the Wakandian jungle battling Thanos’ army for the stone?

Or is this just a promo video that we can’t take as gospel?

(Via ComicBook)

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