Marvel celebrates 50 years of ‘Avengers’ with 6 foot fold-out poster

(CBR) It”s the Avengers” 50th anniversary, and Marvel has a big plan for “Avengers” #24.NOW, also known as “Avengers” #1 for the purposes of All-New Marvel NOW! (It”s confusing, I know. Just go with it.). To celebrate the milestone in December, the publisher plans to sell a special polybagged edition of “Avengers” #24.NOW and bundle it with a “Avengers 50th Anniversary Mega Fold-Out Poster” that”s more than 6 feet wide. For the curious, that”s about 11 comic pages stacked end to end.

Illustrated by Daniel Acuna, the poster features Earth”s Mightiest Heroes from across the team”s 50 years, including mainstays like Captain America, Thor and Iron Man, newer additions like Wolverine, Spider-Man and the Thing, and even members of the Dark Avengers, like Ares.

Click to see the full image.

“Avengers” #24.NOW goes on sale Dec. 14.