Marvel’s ‘Defenders’ Chow Down And Beat Up Bad Guys In The Final Trailer For The Netflix Series

The debut of Netflix’s superhero combo miniseries The Defenders is nearly upon us, so why not sneak in one more trailer to amp up the excitement, eh

The Marvel team-up event had one more trailer in the stockpile and it bubbled on a German YouTube account on Sunday presumably ahead of schedule. The latest and (what seems like) final tease has a lot of Danny Rand chowing down on Chinese food and Stick telling the Netflix Marvel All-Stars to “get their sh*t together” before they have to square off with Alexandra (Sigourney F*ckin’ Weaver!) with New York City hanging in the balance.

“I’m not looking for Superfriends,” quips Luke Cage (Mike Colter) mid-meal in the compact preview.

“You keep on telling yourself that,” responds Rand (Finn Jones) to the demonstrative disgust of Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter).

Even with the threat of Sigourney Weaver laying waste to the Big Apple, this particular trailer is cheerier than what we’ve come to expect from each of these superheroes in their individual Netflix adventures. Teamwork makes the dream work and all that good stuff. We’ll have the opportunity to see the finished product when The Defenders makes its debut on the streaming service on August 18th.

(Via Comic Book Movie)