Marvel teases Joe Madureira’s ‘Inhuman’ #1 art

(CBR) Yesterday, Marvel Comics announced its big post-“Infinity” direction for the Marvel Universe in “Inhumanity.” Today, PopWatch has debuted Joe Madueria’s cover for his and writer Matt Fraction’s upcoming series, “Inhuman.”

“It”s a chance to spray everybody with supersoldier serum and see what happens,” Fraction told PopWatch of the premise, which finds the entire planet somehow exposed to the Inhumans’ powers-granting Terrigen Mists. “Did you know that you had a king? Did you know that you had a secret genetic lineage? Oh, and by the way, now you have horns, and someone”s coming to kill you!”

Check out Joe Mad’s cover below, and stay tuned to for more on “Inhumanity,” “Inhuman” and the rest of the future of the Marvel U.