Marvel warns to ‘Be Vigilant’ in latest ‘Inhumanity’ teaser

(CBR) “Inhumanity” follows Marvel Comics’ currently unfolding “Infinity”, and the publisher’s latest promotion for the December-debuting initiative is a Juan Doe-illustrated released Monday, advising “Be Vigilant.”
“Inhumanity” is set to explore the ramifications of Black Bolt detonating a Terrigen Bomb in “Infinity” #4, releasing the Terrigen Mist on Earth and activating latent abilities in numerous Inhuman descendants. It’s not yet publicly known if the “Be Vigilant” teaser is connected to a specific “Inhumanity”-related project or the status quo in general, but December sees the release of the “Inhumanity” #1 one-shot by Matt Fraction and Olivier Coipel, solicited with the text, “The Avengers find themselves face to face with Karnak who has discovered the secret of the Inhumans that will shake the Marvel U to its core.”
“The fall of Attilan is going to be one of those sort of moments where the status quo for a big chunk of the Marvel Universe changes,” Fraction said during an “Inhumanity” press conference in September. “‘Inhumanity,’ which spills out of ‘Infinity,’ deals with the immediate fallout of what that means for the royal family… and to Inhumans all around the world.”

“Inhumanity” #1 is on sale in December.

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