Marvel’s ‘Amazing X-Men’ is getting new writers in June

(CBR) UPDATE 3/10/2013 4:00 PM PT: Original “Amazing X-Men” series writer Jason Aaron took to Twitter on Monday to discuss his departure from the series:

“So yeah, because of my overall schedule demands, I had to step away from 'Amazing X-Men' a bit sooner than I'd hoped. Though as far as parting shots go, I think the 'Return of Nightcrawler' is a pretty satisfying way to end my tenure as an X-writer. Without 'Amazing,' that leaves me writing 'Original Sin,' 'Thor,' 'Southern Bastards' and a couple of other things I can't talk about yet. It was definitely weird to leave the X-verse behind after spending pretty much my entire Marvel career there. But I couldn't be happier with the stuff I'm working on now. Fun times ahead!”

Aaron's last “Amazing X-Men” issue will be April's #6. May's “Amazing X-Men” #7 is written by Kathryn Immonen.

The writing duo of Craig Kyle and Chris Yost are back on the X-titles. announced Monday that Yost and Kyle will take over writing duties on “Amazing X-Men” from original series writer Jason Aaron, who is at the forefront of Marvel's 2014 event, “Original Sin.” Kyle and Yost's run will start with June's “Amazing X-Men” #8, and artist Ed McGuinness is slated to remain on the book.

“Chris and I are lifelong X-fans and love to weave stories that tap into the huge history these characters share,” Kyle told the site. “The personal, professional, social, emotional, psychological, and spiritual conflicts experienced by each X-Man offer us rich story material to pull from. In the coming issues we hope to create new stories that will please longtime X-fans like us while still allowing a clean entry point for new readers to jump right in.”

With Kyle and Yost comes a new addition to the cast: Classic X-Men mainstay Colossus, recently seen in the pages of “Cable and X-Force.”

“It's too early to discuss specifics as to who will or won”t be on the team I can tell you Chris and I both love Colossus and he”s someone we both feel needs to be on this journey with us,” Kyle said.

Kyle & Yost have a long history with the X-Men side of the Marvel Universe, starting with the “X-23” miniseries in 2005, and continuing on “New X-Men” and “X-Force.” “Amazing X-Men” also reunites the duo with editor Mike Marts, who returned to Marvel in late January.

“Chris and I haven”t written an X-book together in years,” Kyle said. “Mike was our first editor in the X-Office and to have him back with us is just awesome. And I”ve been a huge fan of Ed”s work both in and out of Marvel forever so to have him driving the visuals is an absolute thrill.”

Yost (who writes Marvel's current “New Warriors” series) and Kyle both have extensive experience writing Marvel's characters both in comics and other media endeavors. The duo worked together on the “X-Men: Evolution” animated series, where they created X-23, and have been tapped to write a third “Thor” live-action film.