Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ Has An Official Premiere Date

We know when we’ll see the pilot of Inhumans, which arrives at IMAX theaters September 1st for a limited run. But what about the rest of the eight episodes? When will we see those? We finally have an answer: Starting Friday, September 29th.

The show follows the Inhuman royal family as they’re ejected from their home city-state of Attilian, which has been taken over by the brother of the king, Black Bolt, in a coup. Now the family, which includes Black Bolt (Anson Mount), his wife Medusa (Serinda Swan), and their daughter Crystal (Isabelle Cornish), have to figure out how to reclaim the throne and prevent disaster from befalling Hawaii. Also they have a giant teleporting dog named Lockjaw. We’re forced to admit we don’t understand why Lockjaw isn’t the lead, although we guess dog-focused series aren’t doing well on ABC.

The premiere will feature the two episodes screened in theaters, and then over the next six weeks we’ll see the rest of the show. That’ll be an interesting short run, and we’ll be curious to see how this show interacts, or doesn’t, with the rest of Marvel’s rapidly growing TV franchise, which is hopping to cable with several shows on Freeform including Cloak and Dagger, and expanding to another streaming service with Runaways on Hulu. But mostly the teleporting giant dog. Come on, there’s no part of the phrase “teleporting giant dog” that isn’t amazing.

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