Marvel’s Jeph Loeb and Cheo Coker discuss racial diversity in ‘Luke Cage’

Turning a behemoth like Marvel in a new direction takes a long time. Momentum isn”t gained in a day. So when fans began pushing a couple of years ago for more diversity in geek culture, it seemed at first as those pleas were falling on deaf ears. Then the movement of the Marvel (and DC) ships began to be noticeable. More female heroes were brought to the forefront with the likes of Jane Foster”s Thor, a push for Agent Peggy Carter, the introduction of an all-female X-Men team, and more. More non-white heroes also starting popping up as Black Panther rose in the public eye, Falcon became Captain America, Silk burst onto the scene, and Amadeus Cho became the Hulk.

Now Luke Cage is headed to Netflix on September 30th, adding a brand-new area to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The street-level heroes are leaving Hell”s Kitchen and headed to Harlem. HitFix Harpy caught up with Luke Cage executive producers Jeph Loeb and Cheo Hodari Coker at San Diego Comic-Con to ask about how important it is to continue expanding the types of stories they tell within their universe.