Marvel’s Kevin Feige on whether the Avengers will meet the Guardians of the Galaxy

(CBR) With “Guardians of the Galaxy” making massive amounts of money at the box office, and with a sequel already in development, many fans figure it”s only a matter of time before Star-Lord”s squad of ragtag rogues books a ticket to Earth and meets the planet”s mightiest heroes.

Indeed, with Thanos appearing at the tail-end of 2012's “The Avengers,” and his expanded role (as played by Josh Brolin) in “Guardians of the Galaxy,” it looks more likely than ever that the two Marvel franchises will one day collide. Even if he”s not ready to confirm or deny such a collision, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is at least willing to speculate on the shenanigans that might ensue should the “Avengers” and “Guardians” films ever cross streams.

“You know, the fun about 'The Avengers,' as we were gearing up to that, was 'How would Tony Stark deal with goody two-shoes Steve Rogers in World War II?'” Feige said in an interview with IGN. “What would Tony Stark think of a Norse god who wields a hammer? The brilliance of Joss [Whedon] was having fun with that. So who knows if and when these guys would ever connect, but it is fun thinking about, how would Steve Rogers react to Rocket?”

For Feige, there”s even bigger potential for comedic gold: the literal-minded Drax the Destroyer crossing paths with the human snark factory better known as Iron Man.

“Drax couldn”t even have a conversation with Tony Stark,” he laughed. “I have a theory that the more time Drax spends with Peter Quill, the more he”s going to start to learn, perhaps, that people aren”t always as literal as his species would assume.”

There”s more in Feige”s interview with IGN, including his thoughts on the level of villainy we need to see from Thanos in the future, and the identity of Peter Quill”s father.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” is in theaters now.