Marvel’s latest ‘Agents of SHIELD’ poster teases Deathlok’s return

(CBR) Marvel's “The Art of Level 7” initiative for “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” continues this week, with Entertainment Weekly revealing a new piece for upcoming episode “Nothing Personal” by “Journey Into Mystery” cover artist Stephanie Hans that teases the return of J. August Richards as Mike Peterson/Deathlok and more developments on the Skye (Chloe Bennett) and Grant Ward (Brett Dalton) front.
“I love that the silhouette of Skye and Ward is kind of really one person, because they”re both wearing black,” executive producer Jeffrey Bell told Entertainment Weekly. “I love her Hydra hair, and then I love even that he”s in her shadow. And so from this, you don”t know whether she”s wounded him, whether she”s protecting him, whether he”s dying, or whether she broke his heart. I love that it”s all ambiguous in that way, and with Deathlok looming over but not looking directly at them. I love the graphicness of the red, and also the little flares – the little fireflies, the little specs of rain hitting the lens, whatever she [Stephanie] justified that as really gives the poster a depth and texture that makes it even richer. And then looming behind Deathlok is our poor, poor S.H.I.E.L.D.”
“The Art of Level 7” features work from many Marvel artists, including Mike del Mundo, Paolo Rivera and Pascal Campion. The images are available as limited-edition prints through Marvel's online store.

“Nothing Personal,” airing April 29, also heralds the return of Cobie Smulders in her role as Agent Maria Hill as she re-encounters Coulson and his team.