Mass Effects’ Garrus Gets Lost, Shows Up In ‘Doctor Who’ Trailer


In case you've been living in under a rock in a pocket universe, 'Doctor Who' returns to television on August 23rd. Bits and pieces of who Peter Capaldi's version of Doctor is have been sprinkled throughout the promos all the way up to the first full trailer for Season 8, with a stoic Capaldi setting out to clear his conscience of two millennia of mistakes.

The trailer also features audiences' first look at the villains the Doctor and Clara will be up against this year. Staples like the Daleks and – oddly enough – dinosaurs make their return. But there is one alien who seems awfully familiar to those who have played through Bioware's critically acclaimed space opera 'Mass Effect' series. 

Garrus Vakarian what even are you doing in a 'Doctor Who' trailer? There are no calibrations in a TARDIS you ridiculous Turian. YOU DON'T EVEN GO HERE.

It's doubtful the BBC honestly intended for their mechanized creation to so closely mimic the most loyal, stoic alien space boyfriend any Fem Shep could hope to love. Tentacles in place of hair isn't exactly a cutting edge feature. But the combination of the tendrils, and the sunken eye sockets, and the shape of the jaw, and the armor makes me wonder if subconsciously the creature designer was paying homage to an unsung hero of the Citadel.

Either that or The Doctor and the Collector's have a date with destiny?. We can hope, right?

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