‘The Batman’ Director Matt Reeves Confirms Robert Pattinson’s Casting With A ‘Good Time’ Of A Tweet

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Word of Robert Pattinson’s status as frontrunner to play a young Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeves’ The Batman first circulated a few weeks ago to mixed effect. Many people gave him the benefit of the doubt, given that it’s been a decade since he played a wooden, sparkly vampire, but some DC Comics fans appealed to Warner Bros. with petitions to choose someone different. Well, the news was reportedly official (according to Deadline) late last week, which has led to more jokes from Twitter, but it seems that yes, things are now officially official because Reeves has acknowledged the subject on social media.

Confirmation couldn’t be more clear without the actual words because Reeves tweeted three Batmoji with a GIF of Pattinson from the 2017 crime drama Good Time, which earned him rave reviews for his acting chops.

Surely, no actor could step into the cowl at this point without a barrage of criticism, and Pattinson knew what he was getting into by accepting the role. People never really warmed to the Batfleck, but folks got over Keaton’s Mr. Mom stint and Bale’s role in Newsies when they donned the cowl, so Pattinson deserves a chance to prove that he can be more than a jawline underneath a mask. Honestly, The Twilight Saga is far into the rear-view mirror at this point, given that he’s proven himself capable as a solid, reliable actor in films not only including Good Time but also The Lost City of Z, High Life, and Cosmopolis.