Matthew McConaughey’s receding hairline makes an epic return in ‘Gold’

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Never mind whether this movie is good or not, the number one most important question is: Is this Matthew McConaughey's real hair? Many years ago, his hairline receded and then mysteriously reappeared. A lot of people have suspected hair transplant surgery. But I don't buy it. Those surgeries can't work the kind of miracles glamorous people might have you believe. I always suspected he had a “hair system” which is a fancy term for a fantastic looking toupee.  

This movie looks good. It may have the overdone voice over thing: “My name is… and I was once just a regular guy…” But it's hard to resist a make-it-rich story, especially if it's accompanied by a fall. I also love that Bryce Dallas Howard doesn't fall into the cliche shrew or wet blanket role as the long suffering wife. Instead, it looks like this movie depicts how an actual marriage develops as Matthew McConaughey struggles to make ends meet, partners with Toby Kebbell, and then finds huge success with a literal gold mine. It seems like normally in movies like this, the wife is relegated to the sidelines or quickly dumped in order to demonstrate that the husband's been seduced by a new lifestyle. In this case, she's a real, breathing person with a perspective. 

But back to the important questions. Would you rather go bald and let nature unfold the way the universe intended or fight it with chemicals, hair follicle procedures and chanting? What's the better way to go? Do we prefer the illusion of hair or do we like when people just accept it? 

I like balding Matthew McConaughey. I like him with more weight and protruding teeth. I think this should be his look in all the movie he's in. And I bet you agree.