Maya Rudolph Develops Three New Characters in an Instant

05.15.14 4 years ago

This is why Maya Rudolph is getting a variety show. This right here.

The “SNL” alumna sat with Jimmy Fallon and invented three new characters just by picking up a random headshot and assigning a voice to it. One photo features a chunk of wood, and that was it all it took to send Maya spiraling in 30 directions. 

Theory: Maya Rudolph was “SNL”s unofficial sequel to Ana Gasteyer. The two both specialize in nutty, grandiose characters, and there's a particular penchant for ridiculous showbiz personalities. (Maya's Whitney Houston impression was the proper follow-up to Ana Gasteyer's Celine impression.) Here's hoping Ana gets a shot to do the same “character-building” activity alongside Jimmy.

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