Meet Indominus Rex, the Jurassic World hybrid abomination that wants to eat you

One of the best things about really good movie marketing is when they”re allowed to do something fun and interactive. Whether it”s the ARG from “Cloverfield,” or the blurring the line between marketing and propaganda for “The Hunger Games,” or the website where you can plan your vacation to “Jurassic World”, I am a sucker for rewarding fans with lore.

Case in point, if you head over to the “Jurassic World” website, as of today the Hammond Creation Lab is proudly showing off their latest success: the Indominus Rex.

What do we know about this latest hubris committed by man? Enough to know that Hammond Creation Lab scientists have little to no genre-savviness. Don”t believe me? Let”s look at the stats.

Indominus was concocted from a Tyrannosaurus base, with a mixture of other deadly carnivores shoved in. There”s a dash of Carnotaurus, a hint of Madagascan hunter Majungasaurus, and a sprinkling of Rugops. And because that wasn”t terrifying enough, they topped it off with a dollop of Giganotosaurus, a predator second only in size to Spinosaurus.

All this adds up to a man-made dinosaur that measures in at a length of 40 ft – or nearly the size of a school bus full of tasty, tasty children. The Hammond Creation Lab even posted a teaser image (on the left) which doesn”t look so bad until you brighten it up.

This isn”t a tourist attraction. It”s a genetically superior killer. What the ever living hell could possess ANYONE to create such a monster? Guess we”ll find out this summer.

“Jurassic World” finds a way into theaters on June 12, 2015.

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