Meet Max from ‘Where The Wild Things Are’

10.14.09 8 years ago

Considering how shy newbie actor 12-year-old Max Records appears to be in person, director Spike Jonze may be even more talented than given credit for. 

A remarkable 9-years-old at the time he shot “Where The Wild Things Are,” Records has to carry much of the film as the only human being on screen.  Records endured his first press day with on screen mom Catherine Keener a few weeks ago and the duo talk about working with Spike Jonze and their favorite moments in the movie.

Reaction to “Wild Things” has been all over the place so far, but there is no doubt Jonze has provided a spectacular visionary assault on the senses.  Whether it is truly representative of Maurice Sendak’s original children’s will be the subject of much debate after the movie opens this Friday.

You can watch my interview with both Records and Keener embedded on this page or view a larger version here.  To check out five preview clips of “Wild Things” click here.

Are you going to see “Where The Wild Things Are” this weekend? Share your thoughts below.

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