Meet Sunny, the Obama family’s new puppy

Yes, the nation may be in a period of terrible divide over of the issue of Obamacare, but fear not, for the First Family has tapped the ultimate mediator: a one-year-old puppy named Sunny.

Little Sunny arrived at the White House yesterday and immediately became the newest member of the Obama family. Born in Michigan, she’s a Portuguese Water Dog just like her bro Bo. She is said to have – ahem – a sunny disposition, which is fortunate, although “Cloudy” also would have made a darling name.

Ain’t she just the cutest? I do wonder where Miss Sunny got that terrific bowl cut! Evidently, Sunny and Bo have hit it off famously, and I assume their debut folk album is already in the works.

I look forward to more photos of Sunny’s ridiculously long tongue. In the meantime, here’s video of the two youngest Obamas playing on the White House lawn:

(via the White House)