‘Meet the Devil’ in electric new teaser poster for Ryan Gosling’s ‘Only God Forgives’

Lucifer has gone electric.

The Antichrist gets an appropriately-freaky neon likeness in an eye-catching new teaser poster for “Only God Forgives,” the forthcoming thriller from Nicholas Winding Refn (“Drive”) that stars Ryan Gosing as a drug smuggler fronting as a boxing-club owner whose mother (Kristin Scott Thomas) tasks him with hunting down and killing the individual responsible for his brother’s recent death.

“Time to Meet the Devil,” reads the film’s ominous tagline, and hey, we’re totally there. Just please don’t disappoint us, Mr. Refn, because we really want to love this.

Check out the poster below and let us know what you think.

“Only God Forgives” hits theaters on July 19.