What is a “Blood Father?” Mel Gibson Will Tell You in This Trailer!

It”s been a few years since Mel Gibson shocked us all with his misogynist and anti-Semitic antics, and he has not been in too many movies since. I understand it. I was offended, too. But if there”s anything Hollywood loves, it”s a comeback.  Mel doesn”t seem to be putting his back into it however. He hasn”t done much interesting lately except The Beaver, which is about a man who talks through a beaver hand puppet. If you want to show the public you aren”t creepy, you could do better.  

Mel Gibson is a sleeping giant. He”s got acting chops, directing chops, all kinds of chops. The quote from South Park is right: “Say what you want about Mel Gibson, but the son of a bitch knows story structure.” There”s a chance the public might be open to him again if he played a flawed older man in a supporting role. But this is not that role. This is proof Mel is not getting the best material. It”s hackneyed story about a man with a certain set of skills who is more than willing to take revenge on behalf of his daughter. Now this might be amazing in execution, with a tone that feels like Sicario. But it appears more like a Taken rip off, and if I wanted to watch Taken again, I”d watch Taken 2. Or even Taken 3. I like that Mel is in shape again, and I like that he”s intensely knocking out car windows but we need more from Mel if he”s ever to become the actor elder statesmen he has the potential to be.  

I also can”t help but wonder if Blood Father is a good title. I get it. I mean, Godfather is a classic. But Blood Father is no Godfather. I think it”s because I have never heard the term “blood father” before. Maybe people say it all the time when I”m not in the room. I assume a blood father is a father who is related to his children. That”s a common enough occurrence that you can often just call that person “Dad.” I guess a movie called Dad doesn”t scream action hero.  

Maybe it”s a sign that Mel Gibson should move onto something else.