Melinda Doolittle critiques the ‘American Idol’ Movie Night for HitFix


Season 6 favorite Melinda Doolittle is one of the experts in HitFix’s Fantasy American Idol game and throughout the competition, she’ll be providing analysis on this season’s contenders.

I”m in a much better mood this week, and it definitely helped that the Top 8 stepped up their game and gave us a great show! Here are my thoughts. Let me know what you think! :-)

Paul McDonald – “Old Time Rock n Roll”

I like Paul and I”m all about quirkiness and for what he does, he did a great job. I”m nervous, though, that his song choice may have hurt him this week. 


Lauren Alaina – “The Climb”

Kinda wish Jimmy Iovine and Will.i.am would have spent less time on Pia”s votes and Miley”s voice and more on how to convey the emotion of “The Climb”s” powerful lyrics. While Lauren sang beautifully, she didn”t completely connect with the lyrics…which is something I think Miley Cyrus always nails. 


Stefano Langone – “End of the Road”

When I heard his song choice, it made me really nervous… mainly because it has the potential to be the perfect “going home” song. But, I believe this was his best performance since “I Need You Now”. The beginning was a little shaky, but the second half made me stand up a cheer. Literally, it got me off my couch…and it”s a comfy couch…with massage. 


Scotty McCreery – “Cross My Heart”

Scotty, Scotty, Scotty…again with the flute. Okay, no doubt this boy can sing the heck out of a country song, however, he is one contestant I wish would have taken Jimmy”s advice last night. I would have loved to hear “Everybody”s Talking At Me”. That being said, he did his Scotty thing and I”m sure his Scotty fans were happy.


Casey Abrams – “Nature Boy”

So glad Casey stuck to his guns and came back to “Nature Boy.” I give him a lot of credit for giving Jimmy”s advice a chance, but then making the effort to stay true as an artist. Again, the beginning made me nervous, but after he said “Ray, let”s show ’em what we can do,” he showed us exactly why we love him. Those who doubt his ability can surely at least admit that his note choices at the end of his song (especially that last note) were truly inspired. I seriously got up from my couch…the über comfy one…and threw my blanket at the TV (that”s a good thing).


Haley Rienhart – “Call Me”

This girl has got some pipes. I”m in awe of what her voice can do. Just when you think she”s reached the end of her range, she gives you more. I just think she may not have picked the right song to showcase that. And that makes me sad. Echoing Jennifer Lopez here…please don”t send a girl home this week.


Jacob Lusk – “Bridge Over Troubled Water”

I guess it kinda makes since…I don”t see Jimmy Iovine as a long time “Idol” watcher. He”s been pretty busy making multi-platinum selling records. However, his suggestion of this song for Jacob no doubt enraged the Claymates. Clay Aiken blew this song out of the water and pretty much locked it down. Thus putting Jacob at a distinct disadvantage. Although he did some nice things with the song, it”s just hard when you”re automatically compared to Idol royalty.


James Durbin – “Heavy Metal”

This boy can sing, there”s no disputing that. Not sure if it was fair for a fourth of his song to have absolutely nothing to do with him and everything to do with the incomparable Zakk Wylde. However, it sure was fun to watch! Although I had no problem with James disagreeing with Jimmy Iovine, I didn”t like the way he did it. There”s a way to disagree and still respect his position and clout as a hitmaker. That”s all. 



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