Melinda Doolittle critiques the ‘American Idol’ Top 4 for HitFix

Season 6 favorite Melinda Doolittle is one of the experts in HitFix’s Fantasy American Idol game and throughout the competition, she’ll be providing analysis on this season’s contenders.


Overall, tonight was a great night. Each of the contestants are giving it their all and it”s definitely a close competition. This is the week that decides who gets those amazing home visits! It”s going to be the most tiring, but amazing days for three of the remaining contestants. I still can”t believe how unbelievable it was and I wish all four of them could experience it. However, someone has to go home…and not the cool way. Who”s it gonna be? My Twitter feed is going back and forth between Scotty and Lauren, while my Facebook feed is leaning more towards Haley. I have no idea…


James Durbin “Don”t Stop Believing”

James killed it! I thought his pitch was great, his energy was electric and I love that song! Great way to start off the night.


Haley Reinhart “Earth Song”

This is my favorite MJ song EVER! I was so excited she picked it. I guess Randy and J-Lo were not as excited. When Randy said that the song didn”t show who she was as an artist, I thought back to my inspirational week choice…a Faith Hill song. I just picked a song that inspired me. I think that”s what Haley did and I thought she did a great job. Now, last week, I was accused of being a blatant Haley fan. I am. I just didn”t know that was a bad thing. I have always been a fan of talent, and I think she has plenty of it. However, I don”t think it was smart to talk back to the judges. I understand her frustration and I think it”s warranted, but I think it might do her harm. On the bright side, it”s good to know she has no intention of listening to what Randy said. ;-)


Scotty McCreery “Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning”

He sang this song very well. I think it was genius to pick a song about Jesus, 9/11 and the American flag. I think this would have served him better as his second song, though.  This is the last song you want in the mind of the voting public. I know he didn”t pick the order. I”m just saying…


Lauren Alaina “Anyway”

I think she sang this song beautifully. I”m not sure she actually connected with the message, but her voice was made for a song like this. Every note was great and she looked gorgeous! That wouldn”t be my first choice of dress, but who am I to ever comment on that? I wore some doozies on AI. Hahaha!


Haley Reinhart “I Who Have Nothing”

I was a little nervous about this song for two reasons. 

She got really mad at Randy for saying everyone but her did a good job in the first half. I didn”t want that to get her mind off the performance. 

This song created a HUGE breakout moment for Jordin Sparks on Season 6 (my season). I didn”t want Jordin fans to be mad at Haley for singing this song.

So…coming from a big Jordin fan…I”m not mad! I think Haley sang the living daylights out of it just like Jordin did. I loved the feeling she put behind it and I actually think the anger helped…kinda like last week. I think this created yet another breakout moment for Haley and I just hope it wasn”t too late.


Scotty McCreery “Young Blood”

I love when I can see the contestants really having fun during a performance and Scotty did just that. My favorite moment of the night was watching him try to connect with what Lady Gaga was explaining to him. Those two were the most unlikely pairing ever and I loved it! 


Lauren Alaina “Trouble”

I loved her interaction with Lady Gaga too! I totally understand her being picky about words. I was that way during my season. I arranged songs differently so I didn”t have to sing the words I didn”t want to say. (i.e., “how can a loser ever win” or “I wish I was home”) So when Lauren said she didn”t want to say she was evil, I kinda connected, until I realized that the whole song was pretty much the line, “I”m evil, evil, evil…” I”m thinking if she had a problem with that phrase, she probably should have chosen a different song. Oddly enough, I really think she connected with this song more than she has any other song this season. LOL! Hmmm…


James Durbin “Love Potion #9”

He”s a showman and he does it well. Yes, I do feel like we”ve seen the same show a few times now, but I guess he”s thinking…if it ain”t broke, don”t fix it. I will say that this week was his best as far as pitch goes. He had a couple issues, but nothing blaring and I thought that was awesome. Great way to start and end the show. I”m thinking he”ll be around for the home visits – definitely. 



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