‘Metropolis’ Will Bring Lois Lane To DC’s Streaming Network

DC Comics

Lois Lane has rarely managed to get the spotlight she deserves, at least not in the comics. She was an investigative reporter who, well before some dude from Smallville showed up to the newsroom of the Daily Planet — revealing mobsters, staring down death on the regular, and generally being a complete badass. And she’ll get a chance to show what she was like before Clark showed up, in a new prequel series called Metropolis.

Planned for DC’s streaming service, which will arrive in 2019, Metropolis follows Lois’ pre-Superman adventures, adventures that will apparently find her playing Scully to Lex Luthor’s Mulder, as they follow up on mysterious doings in the title city. It’ll be arriving from executive producers John Stephens and Danny Cannon, some of the team behind the other DC series named after a city that’s a prequel to the story of one of its most beloved characters, Gotham. If you’re not familiar with the tone and style of Gotham, here’s a short refresher:


We doubt that Gotham‘s operatic mix of crime drama and Grand Guignol will be transported over to the bright shiny City of Tomorrow. But the team’s involvement suggests that Metropolis will be allowed to be more than just a summary of the comics. Oddly, it will be the second Superman prequel series, as the SF political thriller Krypton, starring Superman’s grandpa, is headed to SyFy March 21st. The 13-episode first season will join the live action series Titans, following the grown-up teen sidekicks of superheroes, Harley Quinn’s animated solo debut, and a new season of beloved DC series Young Justice.

(via DC Comics)