Michael Fassbender Turns Into A Mad Man During An Air Guitar Battle On ‘The Tonight Show’

I don’t think it’s much of a secret that Michael Fassbender seems like a fun guy to hang around with. Yeah he’s a great actor and balances the dramatic performances with the blockbuster roles with great success, but you know there’s a beast waiting to bust out and party at any moment. He’s had his fair share of late night fun in the past, especially with his X-Men castmates, but this appearance on Fallon might be the point where we saw Michael Fassbender leave his brain at home and just cut loose.

It starts with an Air Guitar Challenge against Jimmy Fallon, something that seems like it wants to replace Lip Sync Battle, but just can’t — especially since Bradley Cooper already owns the title. But it’s always nice to hear some Thin Lizzy and I’ll take any excuse. There’s a band that needs to be in the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, by the way.

You can’t pay attention to winners and losers here, but Fassbender goes total banjo kid from Deliverance when the pair sit down for “Dueling Banjos” and it’s fantastic. Even better, he keeps the craziness up during the commercial breaks by ruining one of Fallon’s local promos by pretending to fool around under his desk.

(Via The Tonight Show)