Miles Morales repeats high school history in SPIDER-MAN #1


The events of Marvel”s SECRET WARS are over and the landscape of the universe has changed forever. Or until the next reboot. One of those changes – that is hopefully really forever – is the introduction of Miles Morales to the main Marvel Universe. While Spider-Gwen is still in her own pocket universe, Miles made the jump and is a full-fledged member of the Avengers. Complete with his own comic book.

SPIDER-MAN #1 arrives on comic book shelves this Wednesday, February 3. But as with Peter Parker before him, Miles is finding is difficult to be a superhero and a high school student at the same time. Natural disasters and villainous bad guys don”t wait until after the last bell rings before wreaking havoc. And even if they do? That”s cutting into homework time. Eight months after SECRET WARS, Miles may be at the breaking point.

Perhaps he should talk to fellow Avenger Ms. Marvel about balancing superhero shenanigans with being a functional teenager.

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