Millennium Trilogy star Michael Nyqvist to lead ‘My So-Called Father’

Michael Nyqvist is going from girls with dragon tattoos to fathers with amnesia in the upcoming Swedish dramedy “My So-Called Father” opposite rising young star Vera Vitali.

Nyqvist, best-known for playing journalist Mikael Blomkvist in the wildly popular Swedish adaptation of the Millennium Trilogy series starting with “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” has been signed as the lead in “Father.” 

The film follows the arrogant and self-absorbed Martin (Michael Nyqvist) who develops amnesia after suffering a stroke and can’t remember who he is. His long-estranged daughter Malin (Vera Vitali) takes advantage of his circumstances and goes about re-molding his personality into a more likable father figure. Thins get complicated, of course, once Martin’s memory starts to return.

“Father” is being written and directed by Ulf Malmros and produced by Jan Blomgren of Bob Film Sweden AB.

“Ulf Malmros and I have lived with this project for four years.  It’s a film with a universal theme where we challenge each other to take it a step further.  Extremely gripping, but also very fun!” said Nyqvist in a press release.

“The role of the father is written especially for Michael Nyqvist,” added Malmros. “He insisted on the role when I pitched the story to him, and I cannot think of any actor who is better suited to do it.”
Shooting recently began in Sweden, with the film aiming for a Scandinavian release (through Disney/Buena Vista) in the fall of 2014.  

Since the Millennium trilogy, Nyqvist has appeared in “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” opposite Tom Cruise, and can currently be seen alongside Jason Bateman in “Disconnect.” He’ll also be seen with Katie Holmes and William Hurt in the untitled Christian Camargo project.  

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