Monty Python reunion set for worldwide simulcast on July 20

It would be impossible for me to quantify the impact that Monty Python had on my world view and my sense of humor. I discovered them at the exact right moment for them to end up being formative for me, and the original series as well as their films are all burned into me on a genetic level by this point. It's not that I've seen all of it a number of times… I have quite literally internalized all things Python to the point where I can't imagine who I'd be if there was no Monty Python.

Even so, I didn't even consider trying to get a ticket to their upcoming reunion show because I figured it would be a losing battle, and why get worked up over something I'd never be able to actually do?

Sure enough, tickets sold out in about the time it took for people to log into the website to buy them, and they added more shows, and then those sold out, and it became pretty clear that people are positively rabid to see the remaining members of the troupe perform together again. Now, thanks to Picturehouse Entertainment, that final show is going to be simulcast to 1500 theaters around the world.

Python hasn't performed together live since 1980, and they're actually doing a full ten shows together this time. It's the final show on July 20th that will be simulcast around the world, and I'm excited to join other Python fans in a theater in Los Angeles so we can join other Python fans globally as we all celebrate one of the most significant comedy teams of all time.

And just to get us all in the mood, here's the music video that the Pythons recently released for “The Silly Walks Song,” which they'll be performing at the O2 shows, along with a slew of material both old and new.

Will you be in a theater on July 20th? Let me know in the comments below.