More than 11 million watched the USA vs. Ghana World Cup game

06.17.14 5 years ago

More than 11 million watched the USA vs. Ghana World Cup game
It was the most-viewed soccer game in ESPN history.

Cable TV boxes are the 2nd-biggest energy users in many homes
As the L.A. Times reports, “A set-top cable box with a digital recorder can consume as much as 35 watts of power, costing about $8 a month for a typical Southern California consumer. The devices use nearly as much power turned off as  they do when they are turned on.”

“Louie” exec producer: It”s fair to say we”ve become more dramatic this season
“There's a lot of humor but they're definitely more dramatic,” says exec producer Blair Breard, “and he probably thought about that a lot before we started shooting-how are they going to react to this? This was probably less comedic than the other seasons. But, if you look at the first three episodes, as I was saying, I think they're much more in line with the first three seasons.”

Nickelodeon renews “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” for 4th season – Seth Green replaces Jason Biggs
Green will become the voice of Leonardo.

Dr. Oz admits the weight loss products he peddles on his show don”t pass “scientific muster”
The TV doctor was grilled today before a U.S. Senate committee. “I get that you do a lot of good on your show,” Sen. Claire McCaskill told him, “but I don't get why you need to say this stuff because you know it's not true.”

Brian Williams” “NBC Nightly News” website promotes his Jimmy Fallon “rapping”
NBC News is going along with “Baby Got Back.”

MyNetworkTV slates reruns of “The Walking Dead” and “The Mentalist”
“The Walking Dead” reruns will air back-to-back on Wednesdays, while “The Mentalist” reruns are slated for Thursday.

Christopher Titus to host “Pawnography” on History Channel
The former Fox sitcom star has been tapped for the “Pawn Stars” spinoff game show.

BBC reviving “Danger Mouse”
The first cartoon to break into the U.S. TV market is being rebooted next year in hopes of winning over a new generation of fans.

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