Morgan Freeman Didn’t Win an Oscar for His Favorite Role

09.08.14 5 years ago

“Acting isn't hard,” Morgan Freeman told us when we interviewed him for his new movie “Dolphin Tale 2.” But is that the truth or just humility?

Frankly, it's hard not to believe the 77-year-old legend considering he so comfortably projects authority and confidence in his films. He's also racked up five Oscar nominations over an extraordinary career and collected one for “Million Dollar Baby,” and that track record leads one to believe he's got acting down to a simple but sweet science. But does that mean he views his legendary roles with equal, detached regard? Definitely not, according to him.

We talked with Freeman in Clearwater, FL, about his favorite role (not Eddie “Scrap-Iron” Dupris in “Million Dollar Baby,” for the record), the snappiest thing he ever got to wear on the big screen (“Armani“), and the perks of filming the “Dolphin Tale” series.

“Dolphin Tale 2” opens in theaters September 12.

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