Morgan Freeman is here to navigate you through traffic

No one”s figured out how to get Morgan Freeman to narrate each of our lives. (Someone out there is working on that, though, right? Right?) But you can now listen to the voice of God himself as he guides you on your commute.

Waze added Morgan Freeman to their options for voices, the navigation app announced Monday.

To set up the narrator of penguins” journeys as the dulcet tones of your GPS, go to Settings in Waze, then Sound>Voice Language>Morgan Freeman.

This kind of totally makes up for C-3PO not being available on Waze anymore.

It”s possible Freeman”s place among the ranks of Waze voices will be a limited time thing too – it”s a promotion pegged to his film London Has Fallen, opening in theaters on March 4. So enjoy that velvet voice guiding you through traffic while it lasts.