Movie power rankings: James Bond aims for No. 1 with ‘Skyfall’

Like an old friend, Ian Fleming’s suave British agent James Bond always seems to be there when you most need him and always seems to say the right thing (but would probably steal your girlfriend). “Skyfall,” the third movie in the re-booted 007 continuity, won’t be out until the fall, but fans already have plenty to get excited about. While there’s still no footage from the film (patience, my pets) the first videoblog from the set seems to be a good indicator of the film’s tone — and hopefully we’ll get something more like 2006’s excellent “Casino Royale” than 2009’s convoluted “Quantum of Solace.” Director Sam Mendes (“American Beauty,” “Road to Perdition”), a newcomer to the franchise, claims to be a big fan of the long-running series (check out Drew McWeeny’s new ongoing column for more thoughts on the saga here), and with Daniel Craig signed for multiple films, we’ll likely be seeing quality 007 films for years to come.

As for the rest of this week’s list…  

February 21, 2012

1. “Skyfall” (Last week: Not ranked)

“The Hobbit” and “The Dark Knight Rises” may end up banking more at the box office, but Bond is still Bond, and “Skyfall” is among the most anticipated films of the year. 

2. “Amazing Spider-Man” (Last week: No. 3)

A new clip shows young Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) facing down his deadliest enemy yet: A nosy doorman. This movie has it all!

3. “The Avengers” (Last week: Not ranked)

We already know that the upcoming Marvel mega-movie features fights, explosions and action galore, but it also has some rather calm moments, as proved by these sort of boring new photos.

4. ‘Hunger Games” (Last week: No. 1)

Tickets are on sale now. And mall appearances are coming soon. Mall appearances.

5. “I Am Legend 2” (Last week: Not ranked)

Will Smith’s follow-up to the sci-fi hit has to be a prequel, right? Right?

6. “Untitled Bin Laden Project” (Last week: Not ranked)

Kathryn Bigelow’s timely follow-up to her Oscar-winning “Hurt Locker” features a cast that just keeps getting better and better.

7. “John Carter” (Last week: No. 14)

Are fans doing a better job of promoting the film than Disney?

8. “The Counselor” (Last week: Not ranked)

Michael Fassbender will officially re-team with “Prometheus” director Ridley Scott for the Cormac McCarthy-penned film.

9. “GI Joe: Retaliation” (Last week: Not ranked)

Director Jon Chu promises the sequel will include a new-and-improved Cobra Commander. Cobraaaaa!!!!

10. “The Muppets” (Last week: Not ranked)

Get another chance to hang with Kermit and Piggy when they present an award at the Oscars. That’s one reason to watch.

11. “Descendants” (Last week: Not ranked)

Alexander Payne’s George Clooney drama continues to pick up awards left and right, but will they translate into Oscar glory? Or will front runner “The Artist” silence the competition?

12. “Kolchak the Night Stalker” (Last week: Not ranked)

After “Dark Shadows” and “The Lone Ranger,” Johnny Depp continues his quest to relive his childhood through big screen remakes.

13. “Red 2”
(Last week: Not ranked)

Bruce Willis and his gang of geriatric action stars are coming back  again (no, it’s not “Expendables 3”), with “Galaxy Quest’s” Dean Parisot directing.

14. “A Good Day to Die Hard” (Last week: Not ranked)

Bruce Willis again, now featuring a “Spartacus”-approved son — Jai Courtney.

15. “Wanderlust” (Last week: Not ranked)

This weekend’s big comedy looks genuinely funny. Not a surprise, considering the cast.

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