Movie Power Rankings: ‘X-Men’ tops ‘Hunger Games’ and ‘Star Trek’

Is this the end of Wolverine? Hugh Jackman, who has already played the Marvel superhero in 6 films, may be retiring from the comic book movie game. The actor revealed that the recently wrapped “X-Men: Days of Future Past” could potentially be his final outing as fan favorite Wolverine, a role he first took on in 2000’s “X-Men.” If Jackman is indeed finished, fans will just have to look forward to the inevitable big screen reboot of the adamantium-clawed mutant. 

As for the rest of this week’s list…

September 17, 2013

1. “X-Men: Days of Future Past” (Last week: Not ranked)
The Bryan Singer-directed film, which also stars Jennifer Lawrence, Patrick Stewart, Michael Fassbender, Halle Berry, James McAvoy and Ian McKellen, opens May 23, 2014. 

2. “Insidious: Chapter 2” (Last week: Not ranked)
James Wan’s inexpensive horror sequel scared up a huge $41 million in its opening weekend. Chapter 3 is right around the corner, naturally.

3. Toronto Film Festival (Last week: No. 1)
Our favorite films included “Dallas Buyers Club,” “Gravity,” and “12 Years a Slave,” while “You Are Here, ” “Child of God” and “The Devil’s Knot” disappointed. Check out our picks for the best and worst of the fest here

4. “Hunger Games: Mockingjay” (Last week: Not ranked)
Multiple Oscar nominee Julianne Moore will bring even more prestige to the franchise’s enviable supporting cast. She’ll play President Alma Coin.

5. “Star Trek 3” (Last week: Not ranked)
Nothing is confirmed, but even J.J. Abrams thinks “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” helmer Rupert Wyatt is an excellent choice to direct the threequel. 

6. “Pirates of the Caribbean 5” (Last week: Not ranked)
The latest installment has been pushed back a full year, helping it  avoid the 2015 movie crunch. Will it sink or swim?

7. “Jurassic World” (Last week: Not ranked)
That’s the official new name of the fourth “Jurassic Park films, which also has an official release date; prepare to go back to the island on June 12, 2015. Officially.

8. “Gravity” (Last week: No. 6) (Last week: Not ranked)
HitFix”s Gregory Ellwood ranked Alfonso Cuaron’s upcoming sci-fi film as #1 on his Contender Countdown, as the film continues to earn rave reviews. Check out these new images from the film. 

9. ‘Need For Speed” (Last week: Not ranked)
Two new images of the video game adaptation reveal what Aaron Paul will be up to after “Breaking Bad” finishes this month. 

10. “RoboCop” (Last week: No. 9)
A sleek new poster for the remake shows off Officer Alex Murphy’s hot new cyborg body. Your move, creep. 

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