Watch Mumford & Sons’ new video for ‘Babel’

Just how many guys are in Mumford & Sons after all?

The video for “Babel,” the title track from the British quartet”s current album, features the four members in what seems like a single (though it can”t be) shot of the band playing the song in different parts of the room as the camera moves through a once-elegant, now dilapidated, graffiti-covered mansion until Marcus Mumford ends up exactly where he started at the end, sitting on the stairs holding his guitar. We especially like the “fail” grafitti.

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It”s a beautiful twist on a performance video and one that captures the passion and enthusiasm Mumford, pianist Ben Lovett, banjo player Winston Marshall and bassist Ted Dwane all bring to their playing.

Mumford & Sons start a month-long North American tour in August.