Music Power Rankings: Adam Lambert holds off Britney Spears and Lady Gaga

1. Adam Lambert: The “American Idol” scores his first No. 1 album, and also becomes the first openly gay male to achieve the feat. Who thought it would be easier to land at No. 1 than to get married legally in most states?

2. Britney Spears: She briefly walks off the set during the first taping. That”s what $15 million gets you, Simon Cowell, and it”s exactly what you wanted. He”s already gotten more than $15 million worth of free publicity due to Britney before the show even airs. Nicely played, sir.

3. Phillip Phillips:
A new “American Idol” is crowned. The good news is his first single, “Home” goes straight to No. 1 on iTunes. The bad news is his coronation is in front of “Idol”s” lowest-rated finale ever.

4. Lady Gaga:
Momma Monster will not back down. After protests lead officials in Jakarta to cancel her show, her manager says she will not alter her show to appease religious groups. Maybe she should rename the tour “Born Again This Way.”

5. Lionel Richie:
His little album that could, “Tuskegee,” continue to defy the odds and sell and sell its way right into the No. 2 spot for the top sellers of 2012. The No. 1 seller so far, of course, is Adele”s “21.”

6. Eminem:
Slim Shady is headed back into the studio to start work on his eighth studio album, we think. He tells New York”s Hot 97: “I”m kinda getting into my next record a little bit.”  We bet it drops by the end of the year.

7. Justin Timberlake:
We may never get a new studio album, but he signs on to score his first movie, “The Devil in the Deep Blue Sea.” Doesn’t is just cry out for a “SexyBack” remix?

8. Robin Gibb:
Another amazing music voice is silenced. In 2012 alone: Whitney, Donna, Adam, Robin, Levon, Davy… can we make it stop, please?

9. Donna Summer: Speaking of sad deaths, as usual, following her passing, the disco queen sees a huge spike in sales: up 3,277%.

10. Bobby Womack:
The soul legend is declared cancer free. In a month where cancer seems to be winning by claiming Adam Yauch, Donna Summer and Robin Gibb, it”s nice to see at least one victory in the right column. Plus, his first album in 13 years comes out June 12. More good news.