Music Power Rankings: Adele and Michael Buble top Madonna and Jay-Z

12.11.11 7 years ago

1) Adele: Billboard names her its 2011 artist of the year. With the widespread success she”s had, we wouldn”t be surprised if she showed up on the cover of “Guns & Ammo.”

2) Black Keys: As the duo continues to build, look for “El Camino” to debut at No. 2 on next week”s Billboard 200 with sales of close 200,000. That”s up from 73,000 for the opening frame for 2010″s “Brothers.” Withholding music from Spotify is the new black.

3) Michael Buble
: The Canadian crooner is the holiday season”s It Boy, as his “Christmas” collection looks to be this year”s preferred stocking stuffer.

4) Madonna: Her rumored Super Bowl half-time appearance gets confirmed. Time for us all to get into the groove.

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5) Guns N” Roses: LA rockers get selected for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on their first year of eligibility. We can”t wait to hear Buckethead give his acceptance speech.

6) Hans Zimmer and Pharrell Williams:
The unlikely pair are named musical consultants for the Academy Awards. Listen for the mash-up between Zimmer”s “Pirates of the Caribbean” theme and the Neptunes” “Frontin”.”

7) Nicole Scherzinger: She turned into Public Enemy No. 1 on Thursday night over her antics on “The X Factor.” We bet that solo album never comes out here now. And the duet with Rachel Crow is definitely off.

8) Apple: Was there any place you wanted to be today more than the brand new Apple Store at Grand Central. Even the trains didn”t want to leave the station.

9) Jay-Z: He announces two shows at Carnegie Hall, making him the first artist to headline a hip-hop series of concerts at the vaunted venue. His practice, practice, practice paid off.

10) Dobie Gray: Who doesn”t love Drift Away, but for me it was always about “Loving Arms.” He”s in with Heaven”s In Crowd now.

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