Music Power Rankings: Michael Jackson, Kanye West and The Fox top the list

1. Michael Jackson: He tops Forbes” annual Top-Earning Dead Celebrities list with $160 million. That”s $40 million more than Madonna, the top-earning celebrity who is still above ground.

2. Pearl Jam: The group”s 10th studio album, “Lightning Bolt,” bows atop the Billboard 200 with sales of 166,000, the highest tally for a rock band this year.

3. TLC: The trio”s VH1 original movie, “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story,” was VH1″s highest rated telecast in five years, drawing more than 4.5 million total viewers. Nothing unpretty about that….

4. Kanye West: Have you heard? The press-shy rapper got engaged to Kim Kardashian. No, I”ve never heard of her either. She must like to stay out of the limelight.

5. The Who: Pete Townshend declares the Who”s final tour will be in 2015. Haven”t we heard that before? We won”t get fooled again.

6. YouTube: Because corrupting our eyeballs isn”t enough, YouTube now plans to launch a paid subscription music service because Spotify, Rdio, Rhapsody, parent company Google”s Play Music All Access, and the forthcoming Beats Music aren”t enough.

7. Sean Combs: He”s a music mogul, a fashion mogul, a liquor mogul, and now, a television mogul as he launches the new music cable channel, Revolt.

8. Elton John:
Sir Elton”s biopic, “Rocketman” soars forward with the casting of Tom Hardy as the legendary singer. Wouldn”t it be funny if he played Elton as “The Dark Knight Rise”s” Bane?

9. The Fox: Not only is “What Does The Fox Say” turning into the “Gangnam Style” of the fall, it turns out that the video for Ylvis”s hit is THE hot costume for Halloween this year.

10. Las Vegas: Because there just isn”t enough entertainment in Sin City already, the town decides to add another festival to this planet:  the Life Is Beautiful festival takes place this weekend with Beck and Vampire Weekend