Music Power Rankings: Miley Cyrus twerks her way to the top

1. Miley Cyrus: She twerked her way to top headlines this week. Whether people found her VMA appearance appropriate or repugnant, her single sales increased 50%.  And the sale of tongue increased 1000%

2. VMAs: Whether it was for Lady Gaga, the ‘N Sync reunion or Miley Cyrus, people tuned in to MTV”s annual fest to the tune of a 66% ratings increase over 2012.

3. Eminem: “MMLP2” will drop Nov. 5 and it looks like Em”s not just looking backward with the album title, but with the samples. First single< “Berzerk,”  samples both Billy Squier and Beastie Boys.

4. Robin Thicke: Sure, he got overshadowed by Miley at the VMAs, but no one can top him when it comes to the Billboard Hot 100. “Blurred Lines” has been No. 1 for 12 weeks-or to put it in perspective, it”s been on top of the chart for more than 1/3 of the calendar year.

5. Imagine Dragons:
“Radioactive” celebrates a full year on the Billboard Hot 100, only the second song, following Adele”s “Rolling In the Deep,” to achieve the feat. And it”s still in the top 5! 

6. Lorde: The New Zealand singer tops Billboard”s Alternative Songs chart with “Royals,” making her the first solo woman to top the chart in 17 years… or in other words, one year before Lorde was born.
7. Michael Jackson: Timbaland is working on a project that combines his music and Jackson”s voice. We want a duet with Justin Timberlake.

8. George Strait: The cowboy may be riding away when it comes to the concert trail, but Strait just signed  a new deal with MCA Nashville for five more albums.  He already has 60 No. 1s… how many more are coming?

9. Jack White: He tweets a photo of his Dead Weather bandmates, saying they were back in the studio. Guess we”ll have to wait a little bit longer for the follow-up to “Blunderbuss.”

10. Paul McCartney: With no advance notice, McCartney drops “New,” a track that sounds anything but. It rings with a Beatlesque innocence and charm.