Must-Watch Movies and TV on Netflix right now

Coming up on the July 4 holiday, everything seems to slow down. Television finales are over and premieres just start to warm up. Blockbuster after blockbuster hit on the weekend, but sometimes you just want to wear your ugly house pants, order in and catch up on some Netflix viewing.

The HitFix staff has cobbled together a list of some binge-watch movies and TV shows for the long week — and even longer weekend — ahead. We recommend some cartoons like “Justice League” and “The Clone Wars,” some drama like “Weekend” and docs like “The Act of Killing,” classic TV like “Cheers” and new classics like “Terriers,” fulfillment of the Judy Davis quota in “My Brillian Career” and more.

What are you gonna check out over the next week or two? What's disappearing from the service that you'd recommend people check out?