Naomie Harris believes Moneypenny will ‘have her way’ with James Bond

“Spectre” is in theaters now, but we already have James Bond shenanigans to anticipate in the future: Naomie Harris, a.k.a. Moneypenny in “Skyfall” and “Spectre,” has high hopes for what James Bond's composed confidante will accomplish in the future. 

“I think she's going to have her way with Bond eventually,” said Harris in our interview. “But that's when she's going to have to exit.”

Hard to tell if Harris' projection is optimistic or pessimistic, but she seems firmly aware of the intimacy patterns in James Bond's universe.

“Because anybody who kisses Bond has to die, right?” she added. “Those are the rules, clearly.” 

We also talked with Harris about whether “Skyfall” was more grueling to film than “Spectre” and why you shouldn't be afraid of Dave Bautista.