Natalie Portman Continues To Cozy Up To Her ‘Star Wars’ Legacy By Posing With Stormtroopers At Disneyland

06.26.18 7 months ago


Natalie Portman is certainly one of the bigger stars in Hollywood at this point her career, garnering awards consideration for Jackie and taking on complex roles like her most recent in Annihilation. But for a lot of younger fans and some adults, Portman will always be known for her role in the Star Wars prequels as Queen Amidala. It’s not exactly something she’s been out in the forefront of promoting over the years due to her studies and other film roles, but she’s recently looked back on her place in the Star Wars mythos and had some fun with it.

Her little back and forth with her on-screen “son” Mark Hamill was a treat for fans, and she actually put on a form of her Phantom Menace costume to rap about respecting the prequels and Jar Jar Binks’ 17 dicks. But her more recent foray into the realm of Star Wars is a shorter, pleasant trip courtesy of Disneyland.

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