Nate Ruess of fun. goes solo: Listen to ‘Nothing Without Love’

Don”t think Jack Antonoff, who now moonlights as the frontman of Bleachers, is the only member of fun. taking some me-time during the band”s break from touring and recording.

Now frontman Nate Ruess is here with a brand new song and video for “Nothing Without Love” from his solo project.

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But while Bleachers finds Antonoff heading in slightly different directions than that of his usual band (think Springsteen to the max), Ruess” new song is fairly typical of his usual band, though part of that  is owed to the singer”s voice being all over the song. Melodically and instrumentally, Ruess is in his wheelhouse, particularly with the theatrics on the choir-backed post-chorus breakdown.

In the clip, Ruess is first found floating, head barely above the water, singing the tune”s chorus a cappella. He”s then in a field, a big city alongside strangers or back underwater-but no matter where he goes, he”s eventually joined by a lover.

It”s the first single from his upcoming new album, scheduled for release this summer.